5 Reasons Why Everybody Should Wear a Watch!

Our smartphones have conquered every event of our lives, right from looking at our watches to check the time, from setting an alarm for the next day, the little device has taken up the jobs of almost every device we know of. However, every fashion aficionado had been conscious about every aspect of the vogue that should never go stale. And, one of the components of this never-gonna-stale fashion phenomena is the “Watch”. So, let’s admit it, wearing a watch to complete the fashion statement is as important as adding a period to complete a statement.


Here are 5 reasons why everybody should wear a watch:


  1. It’s unacceptable to check your phone every time.Image result for fidgeting with phone

Imagine, you’re on a date/interview/meeting, and you forget to wear your watch, or you don’t want to wear one. You constantly check your phone to check your time, or ask your date what time is it? I mean, why are you so obsessed over it? It’s rude to check your phone constantly, instead wearing a watch is a little more sly. 


 2. You wear a suit to work everyday, or sometimes not.

Watches go with every outfit you wear. Watches define sophistication with a touch of an essence which makes you look great of course, but sometimes, a good employee/leader too. Watches look trendy, too, when you don’t wear a suit. A casual shirt with denims or trousers would go great with watches.




  1. The kind of watch you wear becomes a part of your identity. 

Like handbags (for women, of course) & wallets/shoes in case of men, watches are also a part of status symbol. No matter any brand of watch you prefer, it depicts a part of your identity, and yes, people surely judge you for that.







  1. 4. You feel naked without it.Image result for without watch


If you’re a watch-fanatic, then this must be a lot relatable to you. There’s a sense of incompleteness when you don’t wear a watch at all occasions.






  1. Unlike the rest of your work wardrobe, it’s acceptable to go wild with watches.


There’s one important caution to consider, choose the watch style according to your age group. Certainly, a big-dial neon-colored watch is a big no-no, for any occasion.




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