Timepieces for a Reason

The definition of fashion has changed multiple times over the years.  There are a lot of peripherals of the Indian Fashion industry that have gained something or the other from some part of the world, it is the watch industry that is the focus of our research in this article.

Watches, the most amazing gadget turned jewels that first hit our civilization in 1504 in the hands of Peter Henlien. It was only after these were invented that proper train networking could have been thought of. It stayed mostly true to its elemental purpose, tell time, until the beginning of the second world war where these watches were modified for army purposes. For example, the ground troops were given a simple version of the watch with fabric strap to reduce the price and facilitate timely organized warfare. Another advanced version was given to the air force pilots that had a tachymeter engraved on the rim of the watch that allowed a pilot to make basic calculations such as speed. Watches for divers were equipped with a silicone band to prevent material degradation and pressure sealants to ensure watches work in deeper waters also. Later on, a chronograph was invented for use as relative time keeping machines. At present there are many uses of a watch, and many styles depending upon the attire or the event that it is going to be used for. E.g. Dress watches, Diver watches, Aviation watches etc.

The materials on the other hand have not changed much since the start. Metals have gotten some new allies in the form of alloys, a few grades of silicone, leather, PU, and some plastics. But yet the core ideology remains the same. These are timepieces that remain valuable for a very long time depending upon the craftsmanship that has been put into it. These haven’t been worn out with the effects of changing fashion in the world but, it is certainly shown the signs of aging.

So, is there something new revolutionary out there that can change the way we see time? With this question put forward I’m sure you must be imagining the new smart watches that pair up with your devices and shows you information about you that only put you into greater tension. According to me these smart watches aren’t watches at all. In fact, they’re parasites enslaving the owner to care for it wherever he/she goes.

Then what is the revolutionary way? To finding the right answer to this question you must first find the problem in the conventional approach. Orthodox watches use material that are non-degradable and are never renewed once used.

About a year back I came across watches on ebay that went by the name wooden watches, I was extremely inspired by the concept. But, apparently only a very small portion of the watch was made from actual wood.

Today a handful of change bringers are working on this very concept and have managed to make a difference by designing and manufacturing a series of watches that have a high percentage of wood …..

They go by the name TSAR watches and boast high quality wooden watches that are both ecological and durable. They also pledge on planting a tree on each wooden watch sold.

I feel that this is one of those changes that India needs, the team is also India bound. The government should promote such companies and help them develop in order to ensure a greener future in every possible way.


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